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Modern House in St Paul

Modern House in St Paul

Wow, what a cool house! This house was recently finished and has a ton of work in it. 

Spanish Revival Style

Minneapolis Spanish House Styles It’s Minna again, and this time I am blogging about my absolute favorite style of house–Spanish Mission.  Well, to be more precise, I will be blogging about the Spanish Revival Style as we do not have many Missions in Minnesota.  Spanish Missions are mainly in California, but we do have someRead More…

Frank Lloyd Wright….Service Station?

Hi, I’m Minna, and I’ll be your guest blogger for the day–I hope you enjoy your stay. Today’s topic is Frank Lloyd Wright’s service station, also called the Lindholm Service Station because it was built for the Lindholm Oil Co., in Cloquet because it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary, and I heard it being discussed on MPR on theRead More…

Character Homes

We’ve got some character-filled homes in Minneapolis, so much so that I’ve dedicated a website entirely to the subject. I’ll be writing more about these old-style houses on this blog as well. But for now, please visit and be sure to leave a comment! On that website, Houses of Minneapolis, we refer to olderRead More…